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A New Breath Taking Experience

Powerful Adventure

Connect with our support with our health coach and lifestyle consultants for an active blissful life.

Trendy Solo

Wear SOLO glass and track by Andoid or IOS app. You can also monitor your health indications.

Easy Breeze

BREEZE connects to your mobile device, smart glass or portable device anywhere and everywhere in both online and offline mode.

Social connect

Connect with your fitness peers, coach, doctors, friends and family in secure and privately controlled medium.

Breath Taking Experience


3DH Technology

Take full control over vital signs & indicative forecasting.

Powerful Android

ADVENTURE: Android 4.3 with our native development & support.

Long Battery Life

Efficient design and low energy system.

Multiple Designs

Devices come in multiple colors.

Freedom of use

Switch among Nozpads with occassion. For all age groups.

Highest Accuracy

Accuracy of 99.6% ~ +/-1 Breath in 5 Hours.

Universal Compatibility

SOLO & BREEZE: Android, iOS, Windows.

Improve Sports

Measure pre-post physiological state.

Optimise Functional Training

Improve training practices and burnout rates.

Key Workout Advice

Body Burnout & Type of Indication.

Say No to Chronics

Live monitoring & advisory to stay fit.


Join the world of integrated wearables.

Intuitive Health Metrics

Custom Metrics for Sports & Non-Sports.

Build Social Network

Works during relaxation, sleep or activity.

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